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2017 PPPA Field Day



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Welcome to the Perennial Peanut Producers Association Web Site

We offer information to aid in the expansion of perennial peanut production. Our web site also allows our members to post hay for sale. More about membership...

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"Florida's Alfalfa"
Forage Legume of Commercial Importance

The Perennial Peanut is a high-quality persistent tropical forage legume which can be grazed or fed to horses, dairy and beef cattle, hogs, goats, sheep and rabbits. It can be stored as dry hay or silage, and is an ideal substitute for alfalfa. Florigraze and Arbrook cultivars of perennial peanut, or rhizoma peanut, as it is sometimes called, have been selected in Florida for their high yield, quality, persistence, disease resistance, and drought tolerance. More...

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