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2017 PPPA Field Day



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Perennial Peanut Producers Association

The Perennial Peanut Producers Association was formed to encourage the expansion of perennial peanut production, marketing channels and production technology. The principal goals are to establish and maintain communications between Association members for the purpose of sharing technical and marketing information. Members of the Association exchange planting material and equipment, set quality standards for the crop, and create greater marketing opportunities.

To keep abreast of the newest information, the Association meets for field tours of member farms and research trials. Agronomists and animal scientists from the University of Florida regularly share the research results of their work. The Association also supports extension and research efforts in promoting the improvement of production and marketing of perennial peanut.

As a member, your name will be listed in the membership directory which puts you in touch with needed resources and information. Upon joining, you will receive an informative Perennial Peanut Reference Manual. The Association is a non-profit corporation registered under Florida law, and membership is open to all perennial peanut producers or those with interest in the commodity.

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