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2017 PPPA Field Day



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Members List

The following are active members of the PPPA.

1Dog Ventures, LLC (Clay & Clayton Lamar)
Sale City, GA
Email: hclaylamar@live.com
Phone: 229-213-1031

Anthony, Lovick
Butler, GA
Email: lovickpanthonyjr@gmail.com
Phone: 478-837-3263

Grand Ridge, FL
Email: Basfordfarms@gmail.com
Phone: 850-526-8392
Hay producer, Custom Sprig Planter, Ornamental Producer

Blount, Ann
Marianna, FL
Email: paspalum@ufl.edu
Phone: 850-544-0905

Brittin, Helen C.
Chattahoochee, FL
Email: helen.brittin@ttu.edu
Phone: 850-663-4873

Caruthers, David
Wildwood, FL
Email: gothay@hotmail.com
Phone: 352-303-4345
Hay producer

Cone Family Farms, LLC (Richard/Lindy Cone)
Greenville, FL
Email: conefarms@gmail.com
Phone: 850-973-2399
Hay producer, Custom Sprig Planter, Ornamental Producer

Cone, J. M. & Bootsie
Greenville, FL
Email: sundowncreek@gmail.com
Phone: 850-973-2925

Council, Travis
Ruskin, FL
Email: travis@freshsod.com
Phone: 813-633-8665
Custom Sprig Planter, Ornamental Producer

Drew, Everitt (Sweetleaf Farm)
Tallahassee, FL
Email: edrew@southgroup.com
Phone: 850-508-6151

Dykes, Royce/Sherrie
Hazlehurst, GA
Email: rsdykes@yahoo.com
Phone: 912-375-5014
Hay producer

Edwards, Bobby
Stowell, TX
Email: edwards2820@windstream.net
Phone: 409-296-2301

Ellis, Bill/Therese
Unadilla, GA
Email: billellis2020@gmail.com
Phone: 229-938-0100

Emerson, Glenn
Wauchula, FL
Email: emersonathome@verizon.net
Phone: 813-917-8429
Hay producer

Gardens Edge Growers
Jacksonville, FL
Email: ornamentalpeanut@gmail.com
Phone: 904-386-3219

Godwin, Billy
Lenox, GA
Email: doebranchhay@yahoo.com
Phone: 229-546-8200

Godwin, Brad
Hahira, GA
Email: godwinbrad2003@yahoo.com
Phone: 912-536-0100
Hay producer

Guettler, Walt/Susan
Chipley, FL
Email: swcconstruction@live.com
Phone: 850-258-4443

Hamrick, Jeffery
Greenville, FL
Email: jeffery.hamrick@gmail.com
Phone: 850-973-9347

Holden, Larry/Carol
Melbourne, FL
Email: larry_holden@hotmail.com
Phone: 321-757-3788

Hudson, H. Wayne
Greenville, FL
Email: waybob@copper.net
Phone: 850-948-3074

Jacobsen, Edward (Sunnyhill Farms)
Tallahassee, FL
Email: carjacs@gmail.com
Phone: 850-906-0525

Mackowiak, Cheryl
Quincy, FL
Email: echo13@ufl.edu
Phone: 850-875-7126

Matthews, Felton
Bristol, FL
Email: nitzamatthews@yahoo.com
Phone: 850-591-5384

McGehee, William
Trenton, FL
Email: peanutpride@aol.com
Phone: 352-538-1425

McGinley, Richard
Ocala, FL
Email: RichMcGinley@juno.com
Phone: 352-875-6519

Oertwig, William Jr.
Davenport, FL
Email: POWINUSA@aol.com
Phone: 305-255-2413

Ornamental Plants & Trees
Hawthorne, FL
Email: ornamentalplants@bellsouth.net
Phone: 352-682-6360

Polo Hay, LLC (Mike Beck/Clay Kuersteiner)
Ochlockonee Bay, FL
Email: clayk1@att.net
Phone: 850-212-1837

Richards, Frank C.
Fort Myers, FL
Email: jarfcr@embarqmail.com
Phone: 239-481-6314

Rodenbach, Charles P.
Williston, FL
Email: cpt.rodie@gmail.com
Phone: 352-212-0821

Rudnianyn, John S. (Blitch Plantation)
Ocala, FL
Email: john@ipsocala.com
Phone: 352-239-1553

Sheddan, Hank / Louise
Live Oak, FL
Email: hws332@yahoo.com
Phone: 386-842-5107
Hay producer

Simpson, Brandon
Dixie, GA
Email: bksimpson1@windstream.net
Phone: 229-305-7647

SK Farms (John & Harvey Suber)
Quincy, FL
Email: skenterprisesofnfl@yahoo.com
Phone: 850-875-1153

Smehil, Dean L.
Live Oak, FL
Email: dlsmehil@aol.com
Phone: 386-248-4364

Walden, Joseph/Harriet
Thomasville, GA
Email: hwalden03@yahoo.com
Phone: 229-377-0510
Hay producer

White, Keith
Poulan, GA
Email: keithdwhite@att.net
Phone: 229-317-1721

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